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Stalk borers
Stalk borer insects are increasingly significant pests of Louisiana rice. More than 35 percent of rice acreage in Louisiana is at high risk of stalk borer attack. The sugarcane borer was observed to cause up to 95 percent stalk breakage on some rice farms in 2002. The European corn borer joined the list in 2003, averaging up to 75 percent larval infestation in rice areas of northeast Louisiana. A third borer species, the rice stalk borer, has statewide distribution. Luckily, it remains sporadic and of minor importance. The sugarcane borer and the European corn borer are very aggressive species when it comes to damaging rice. Their destructive behavior can be compared only to that of another stalk borer species, the Mexican rice borer. The dreaded Mexican rice borer is not yet present in Louisiana, but it is approaching from southeastern rice and sugarcane areas in Texas.  <<more>>  <<contents>>

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